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Hydrogen(H 2)
Item Purity Specification %
Hydrogen(H2) ≥99.99 ≥99.999 ≥99.9999
Impurities(ppm) Oxygen(O2) ≤5 ≤1 ≤0.2
Nitrogen(N2) ≤60 ≤5 ≤0.4
Moisture(H2O) ≤30 ≤3 ≤1
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) ≤5 ≤1 ≤0.1
Carbon Monoxide(CO) ≤5 ≤1 ≤0.1
Methane(CH4) ≤10 ≤1 ≤0.2
Package: Using 40Liter GB standard cylinder Pressure:13.5MPa.Can also be filled with other specifications cylinders.
Main use: Gaseous fuel,petroleum refinement,manufacturing grease,harden oil etc.butter,methyl alcohol,hydrochloric acid,ammonia...etc.Cut of welding and metal,the weather prognosticates,melting of glass,metallurgy industry,coolant( liquid hydrogen),the semi-conductor manufacturing uses the equilibrium gas,the eclipse engraves gas,standard gas,zero point gas and correct gas,heat oxidize,spread outside,Polycrystalline silicon,the ion infuses into,carries to flow,burn knot etc.Physics and chemistry nature:
Molecular weight :2.0159 melting Point: (101.325kPa):-259.2℃
Boiling point:(101.325kPa):-252.8℃ Liquid density:(-252.766℃,101.325kPa):70.973kg/m3
gas density :(0℃,101.325kPa):0.0899kg/m3 Opposite density:(25℃,101.325kPa, Air=1):0.0695
Specific volume (21.1℃,101.325kPa):11.9674m3/kg Critical temperature :-239.9℃
Critical pressure :1297kPa Critical density :31.0kg/m3
Melt heat (13.8K):58.16kJ/kg Heat of vaporizatio (18K):457.80kJ/kg
Specific heat volume:(101.325kPa,273.15K):Cp=14190J/(kg·K) Cv=10080J/(kg·K)
ratio heat ratio:(26.8℃,101.325kPa):Cp/Cv=1.405 Viscidity:(101.325kPa,25℃):0.00886mPa·s
The steam pressure (16K):21kPa (24K):260kPa (32K):1100kPa
- Surface tension ( Liquid - gas interface ,-258℃):2.80mN/m Heat conduction coefficient:(100kPa,270K):0.16705W/(m·K)
Flammable range in the air:(20℃,101.325kPa):4.0~74.5% The lowest ignition poin in the air: (101.325kPa):570℃
Flame temperature when equivalent to burn in the air :1430℃ The largest flame speed when equivalent burn in the air :2.65m/s
Flammable range in the oxygen (20℃,101.325kPa):4.0~94% The lowest ignition poin in the oxygen :(101.325kPa):560℃
lame temperature when equivalent to burn in the oxygen :2830℃ The largest flame speed when equivalent burn in the oxygen :14.36m/s
Burn heat when equivalent burn in the oxygen :12761J/m3(high) 11506J/m3(low)
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